Gulbis dominates in Delray

Ernests cut gigantic Ivo Karlovic down to size in straight sets to win his first career title in Delray Beach.

More later…

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~ by Zahirah on March 1, 2010.

17 Responses to “Gulbis dominates in Delray”

  1. that was dominance ! he was killing ivo’s serve

  2. Malacis, Ernest! Apsveicam, mees lepojamies ar Tevi! Mees to jau gaidiijaam :))))

  3. Apsveicam mammu Milenu un vecmāmiņu Irinu ar Ernesta saniegumu!

  4. Yes he did it today. I love his remark at the award ceremony saying. I hope Miami gives him a wild card. I sure he will get it. Just a great game. Never lost a set or gave Ivo a shot to come back. Malacis mes par Tevi esam lepni. Lai labi iet turpmak.
    Good luck in the next 2 1000 ATP tournaments

  5. Malacis, malacis, malacis!!!!

  6. Really happy for Ernie for picking up his maiden title.

  7. Oh, I am impressed! First ATP singles title.. it does feel great!

    Here’s to more of them coming your way :claps her hands in appreciation:

  8. congratulations ernie!!!! we’re happy for you!!!

  9. Congratulations to Ernests and all his fans, me being a big one. Fans haven’t seen a dominant and aggressive position against the giant Croatian ever. Ernests’ return of serve caught Karlovic off guard time-after-time, turning the tables of the match. Karlovic had no where to go, especially since his serve fell short of expectations … a weapon he needed to surpass the service genius and groundstroking pounding he got from the eventual champion.

    We’re all pulling for a wildcard in Miami!! Call those folks up again. They can’t miss out having ERnests in the main draw.

  10. Yay Ernie.

    trophy ceremony was the bestest. He obvs hadn’t prepared an acceptance speech at all. and of course, how appropriate that his very first trophy looks like a uterus. :p

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